June 06, 2010

Typographic display font system

Ive had this display type kit for a while. Its a lovely thing! It came in the plastic tray, that you see here. While the font looks Thirties, the tray makes me think its much later.

Each letter slots in to the next, and has a small base. Ive always thought it was for a window display, perhaps a jewelers? but today for the first time it looks too big, as each letter has a height of 20mm!

Ive got a few other signage kits, like this. Ill try and post the others at a later date.


matthew cooper said...


jonny mendelsson said...

This box sat in the studio, collecting dust for ages. I think it was a Merton Abbey find. You should post that picture, that we found, of your aunty, on your blog!

Next time you need some type setiing give us a call. Our fees are very reasonable!!!!