June 20, 2012


Super late Sixties beer mat promoting Walkers Crisps and Potato Sticks. The photo shows the front and back of the same beer mat. The bold stylized image, and the two colour printing reminds me of the programme covers for Stoke and Coventry City football club from the early Seventies.

John Elvin & Bernard Gallacher at Sportsgraphic were responsible for the programmes at Coventry and also produced work for Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion football clubs. In 1972 their work was recognised with a D&AD award. It would be nice to think they were responsible for the Walker beer mats too!

June 11, 2012

1977 Newent Jubilee Celebrations

Somewhat late but another Royal post. This time a lovely A3 poster we found a while back detailing The Silver Jubilee celebrations in Newent, Gloucestershire. It gives an tantalising insight into life in 1977. 

Id like to have seen the bicycle gymkhana, but cant quite see how Brent Ford and the nylon rock band (Brent Ford & the Nylons) fitted into the whole Jubilee festivities. It would be nice to compare and contrast last weeks events with 1977!

June 04, 2012


Picked up a few more rather nice elastoplast tins last week, which Im sure I'll post soon. But what I really liked (although I didnt know till I got home) was all three had the same phrase on the side of the tin. Reminds me of Abbevilles fantastic 1987 book, on the golden age of matchbook art Close cover before striking. Sadly, now out of stock, it has always been  one of my favourites!

June 01, 2012

1981 Plastic Charles & Diana shaped badge

Given its the Jubilee weekend, and they've given us an extra days holiday, something of a royal theme for today's post. This 2" plastic crown shaped badge depicts a rather serious looking Charles & Diana, back in 1981. Maybe the artist knew something about their fated relationship before anyone else, they certainly dont look very romantically inclined!