July 26, 2012

1972 Kellogg's Olympic football plastic figure

Olympic football comes to Britain today. Todays post celebrates when Cereal packets used to do something special to commemorate those occasions. Back in 1972 to honour the Munich Olympics, Kellogg's Sugar Smacks gave away 8 different athletes to collect and cherish. The carefully balanced, character above was for Football. 

If you want to see the rest of the set, you should head over to Mokarex. A rather good site full of more fabulous cereal giveaways.

July 10, 2012

Marriage & Homemaking KTC

 I was reminded of this fabulous little booklet browsing Flickr last week, when I stumbled upon a lovely collection of images by maraid. If it wasnt good enough finding some more camping flags of Great Britain, she also had thirty two Know the Game booklets!

Now Ive been collecting the Know the Game (KTG) books for a while, but she had some real lovelies, including skating which Id never seen before. Above Ive posted the 1970 edition of Marriage and Homemaking from the KTC (Know the craft) series, which I guess was an off shoot of the KTG books. Lots of practical advice here, as the contents page below shows.

Its not really fair to tease you without letting you read some of the pearls of wisdom for yourself. Page six makes interesting reading.......

July 04, 2012

English family game counters


Another unknown conundrum Im looking for help with. This small set of seven tokens turned up last month at a favourite charity shop. I think they must be from a game and are used as counters. They dont appear to have much age to them, but they do have some charm. It looks as if they represent four generations of one family; Great grandparents, grandparents, mother and father, and one son. They only measure 35mm and have no markings, as far as I can see.

 Hopefully some bright spark will be able to help. I look forward to hearing from you.......