August 27, 2009

Remember Remember Kenneth Townsend

On recently posting "Marble Fun" up here, I was amazed to find out we had more by Kenneth Townsend. Here for todays post is Remember, Remember. A great game of pairs by Galt Toys.
It appears Galt released this game in two guises. Im not sure which was released first, the one here or Snap, which can be viewed over at kenneth townsend

Above are are a few close ups of the cards and the reverse!

August 19, 2009

Football Snowdomes

The new football season is now well under way, so excuse another football related post. Its true theyve seen better days, but like much that Ive uploaded here, they have a special place on the mantlepiece. There was another I had in the series, but that fell behind a radiator, and sadly was never able to retrieve!

If you like snowdomes, (and theres no doubt a lot of people do!) Theres a superb book in the Abbeville collection series that features a great selection of these plastic domes in stunning technicolour, and details their humble origins.

I did wonder though, shouldn't 1970s footballers play with orange balls in the snow?

August 01, 2009

Flags of the World tin badges

Ten lovely tin badges that are still on their original display card.
Theres something very attractive about printing on tin. The little feet at the bottom of each flag are to bend round and attach to your lapel. They remind me of the paper World War One, Flag day pins you used to be able to get quite cheaply at the Ephemera society.

I couldnt find many images on line but theres a nice page in Robert Opies Great War Scrapbook.