April 28, 2010

1970s Post office booklet cover

Another small collection, that turned up recently, this time of stamp booklet covers. Back in the Seventies, the booklets were dispensed from machines outside the Post Office.

How simple, and beautiful, one colour printing on a heavyweight card is, and stitch bound too.
There are a few more examples here.

April 20, 2010

Early Lego Duplo figures

Small collection of Duplo figures that date from 1976 -1981.

April 12, 2010

Miss Twist. C'est Peynet

My parents went to Paris for their honeymoon in 1953, and I was always lead to believe that one of the things they came back with was the Peynet wedding dolls.

It turns out the dolls werent made till later. Born in 1908, Peynet is famed for his books "The Lovers". However in the early 50s Galeries Lafayettes commissioned Peynet to produce a window display for them, the display was so successful that Technigom, a french company had the idea of producing smaller versions in latex, that measured 21cm.

What then followed was over 250 different dolls, that sold over six million. The boxed doll above is Miss Twist, that my wife bought for my birthday. The images below come from a small catalogue that belonged to my father.

April 09, 2010

unknown spaceman

Two unknown metallic blue, plastic spacemen that turned up last week in the incredible 1p box, over at Martha Trust. Measuring 70mm, they are slightly taller than the average plastic soldier, and with their swept back hair, and space suit, I think they are from the 1950s. Could it be Dan Dare perhaps?

Martha Trust is the local Hospice, charity shop, and its always a pleasure to spend a lunch hour rifling through their boxes. Its so good infact, that some of the third year Illustration students have started a blog in homage, and its very nice too!

April 07, 2010

Galt Alphabet Plaques

Another great game from Galt. Beautifully printed on ply, each card can be arranged in pairs or groups, and eventually form one long frieze.

Belows a detail from a couple of my favourites.