October 28, 2010

Beware of Imitations

Gummed label that was used on rolls of fabric.

October 22, 2010

Football Special - British Rail 1972 leaflet

Back in the Seventies British Rail ran football special trains, so fans could get to games. It kept the hooligans separate and meant the general public werent inconvenienced. Seems logical really, until one day they stopped them!

Todays post is a relic from that era. The A5 leaflet, advertises transport for Arsenals FA Cup game at Swindon, on January 15 1972. Tickets cost £1.25 for adults (and 75p for children).

The image features a child that I always thought would look more at home on a Knitting pattern!

October 18, 2010

Misregistered Medical Mayhem

These mis-registered 1960s scraps came from Pollocks Toy museum in London. A fabulous museum round the back of Goodge Street, London. The museum was fantastic, but small. Although it did have a lovely shop.

Not only did they sell these 1960s version of Victoria scraps, you could also buy their trademark facsimile toy cardboard theatres. As well as some great repro clockwork toys.

October 06, 2010

3 more Puffin covers by Grace Gabler

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Postcards from Puffin. The box contains 100 postcards, featuring many childrens classic book covers. I was delighted to find two more covers by Grace Gabler.

Above you can see Jam Tomorrow, 1947 *. A counting Book 1957, & A Spelling Book, 1948. Last Christmas I posted the letter X , from her charming book "A child's alphabet", from 1945.

* The image of Jam Tomorrow is taken from Phil Baines new book, Puffin by Design.

October 05, 2010

Vector Park

Todays post is slightly different, in that its not an object, and it doesnt have much age to it!

I was sorting through a whole hoard of online bookmarks and rediscovered Vectorpark. Above is a screen grab from Feed the head. Its so simple and really quite beautiful! With its ephemeral noises, and bizzare goings on, theres a touch of Svankmajers Dimensions of Dialogue about it!

If you have a moment, I recommend hopping over and interacting with some of the other creations. Its a visual feast! Patrick Smith is the designer behind Vector Park and you can see more over at his blog!

Who knows perhaps this could be the start of a whole bunch of multi media posts!

October 01, 2010

Wicker Man Cheeseboard

This lovely Cheeseboard turned up at the local charity shop, last month. It measures 13.5" in diameter and has a metal rim, but like so many of my favourite things, it has no makers mark.

The figures are all in national costume and have a Scandanavian folk feel, but, underlying that, theres something sinister. It could be their raised hands! Are they praising the cheese? ( I like that idea!)

Whatever it is there's something a little bit Wicker man!