October 06, 2010

3 more Puffin covers by Grace Gabler

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Postcards from Puffin. The box contains 100 postcards, featuring many childrens classic book covers. I was delighted to find two more covers by Grace Gabler.

Above you can see Jam Tomorrow, 1947 *. A counting Book 1957, & A Spelling Book, 1948. Last Christmas I posted the letter X , from her charming book "A child's alphabet", from 1945.

* The image of Jam Tomorrow is taken from Phil Baines new book, Puffin by Design.


shelf appeal said...

Grace's work is lovely and delicate isn't it? Would really like to find that Child's Alphabet in a 50p box in Oxfam. I fear it isn't going to happen.

jonny mendelsson said...

Graces'work is utterly charming!

Last November, I got lucky and found a copy of a Childs' Alphabet in the local charity shop for 25p. So who knows, perhaps theres another one out there?

That said its pretty scruffy!