June 15, 2010

Jill McDonald The Royal Potwasher

We had a bit of a tidy up of my eldest sons room, the other day and Im embarrassed to say we found another Jill McDonald book. Jills images are everywhere at the moment with the 70th anniversary of Puffin books.

Only last week we were at The car boot and I got very excited when I spotted a woman with a brilliant, new Puffin bag. The bags are being given away when you buy three classic Puffin books. Also spotted at The Hay Festival were some brilliant mugs featuring Jills Puffin logo in several fabulous colours. The mugs were created by Art meets matter, but I cant find the cups online.

The Royal Potwasher was written by John F Waters for Methuen in 1972, and while not quite in the same league as The Pirates Tale, it is still enchanting. The story is a nice tale about following your dreams, below is a spread from the book.

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Tim Worthington said...

Loved the scans!! You might enjoy this podcast that covers The Royal Potwasher...