June 26, 2010

1982 World Cup England Scarf

In doing a little bit of research for the 1970s England football scarf, I posted last week I unconvered this Eighties one, on ebay. It was too good not to purchase and for the princely sum of £3.32 this little piece of football history was mine!

While not quite in the same league as the scarf from 1974, it does amuse me. Thankfully most of the perms have been checked, although it appears a few players; Kevin Keegan, Terry McDermott, Tony Woodcock & Bryan Robson were still tinkering with the style.

The 1982 England team qualified for the World Cup in good shape, they were hard to beat and had only lost 4/32 games under the manger, Ron Greenwood. Having won all the group games, hopes were high, but sadly England went out in the next group stage even though they had never lost a game. In 1986 the tournament format was changed.

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