January 12, 2010

Monster in my Pocket

With all the snow, the local car boot has not been happening! Im suffering severe withdrawl symptoms. Even the local Charity shops stock is a bit thin on the ground, and what worries me more is the weather men are threatening more snow tonight. Sundays boot is under threat!

Todays post features a small selection of Monsters in My Pocket, that turned up in one of those boxes that you always find under sellers trestle tables. The boxes are always filled with odds and ends, forgotten toys, that were huge in their day, but now just a forgotten fad.

Released by Matchbox in the 1990s, Monster in My Pocket (M.I.M.P) were huge in their time and there were several series. Some like Crater Critters were free inside cereal packs, while others were released with the Nintendo game of the same name. Should you want to see more you should pop along to, the very informative raumhafen.de

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