January 31, 2010

American Presidential whistles

These marvelous plastic presidential toy whistles were purchased from Shackmanns' in New York, some time in the Nineties. It was an amazing toy store on 5th Avenue. You can read an interview with Dan Shackman Jacoby, the original owner over at the Herald Tribune.

The store was full of amazing goodies, and its sad to hear that the shop is no more. It was an incredible experience walking round, picking up items, only to put them down two seconds later when you found something even more intriguing. After several hours we still had to go round twice, just in case we'd missed something.

Today, Shackmanns does have an online presence, if not a physical shop, and it still looks pretty tasty. From flip books, to plastic novelties, its got something for everyone. The good news is you can still purchase these nodding animals above. Ours have seen better days, which is not surprising given they used to live on the back of our low level toilet cistern!

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