January 25, 2010

Dick Bruna Appleworld trainset

Last week we popped in to Newent to see the grave of Joe Meek, the pioneering 60s pop producer and songwriter. No trip, is ever complete without the obligatory charity shop trawl. So of course we found one.

In one, a small train set caught my eye. The track and train werent particularly nice, but the figures seemed familiar. The set was by a British company, called Playcraft, while the characters were all stamped Mercis '77.

On closer inspection I noticed a small label on the base of the Appletown station building ,that stated the building was based on an original Mettoy design adapted using illustrations by Dick Bruna.

Now like a lot of people my age I was brought up on Dick Brunas simple picture books, and can still remember coming home from primary school, full of pride, clutching my own versions of Brunas monkey and astronaut.

Sadly the Playcraft figures dont quite have the charm of Brunas original drawings, but none the less, a lovely find!

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lili scratchy said...

I found your blog via John Broadley.
I like it very much,
see you soon!!