January 01, 2010

2010 Visions of the Future

The Noughties are over, and 2010 is here!
To welcome the new decade I thought Id post some images from Geoffrey Hoyles 1972 book, 2010.

The 46 page hardback book, illustrated by Alisdair Anderson depicts a vision of the Future and actually does pretty well. The computer is key! No one goes shopping anymore, as the cooker and fridge are directly connected to the supermarket. Bills are paid via the "vision phone", with access to your bank account via your thumb print. My favourite idea is the notion that everything, including electric cars is sent underground via a huge water filled tube under the ground.

Sadly the one prediction that Hoyle got wrong was his vision of the work place! He saw everyone working from home, and commuting a thing of the past!

Well, I suppose you can dream !

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