May 26, 2010

J Otto Seibold Swatch watch

All the talk about mascots the other day reminded me that J Otto Seibold created a character Glüp for The Hanover expo in 2000, that the organising committee rejected. Mores the pity.

Seibold was the first artist that really exploited the possibilities of drawing on the computer.
When Space Monkey & Mr Lunch were first released, they were like a breath of fresh air, but unfortunately they spawned a 1000 poor imitations. In 1998, at the height of his success, Swatch released two watches by Seibold. I bought this one, while you can see the other design here.

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nan said...

thanks for sharing. i've got one of these, too, tucked away somewhere. i didn't realize he'd done a second swatch design. if i remember correctly, seibold's name isn't on the watch or the packaging anywhere--it was just in the regular men's range that year.

enjoying your blog! i've started trying to document some of my stuff in a similar way via flickr and tumblr.