May 19, 2010

Holiday on Ice Musical memory Record Card

Wow! On our way over to my sisters this weekend, the car came to an abrupt halt along the A46, as we saw the signs for a Saturday Carboot in Beckford. The sun was out and our hopes were high! You cant beat the joy of an unexpected trawl.

The boys were happy because they found a mountain of this years Match Attax. (Football trading cards. See, Ive even managed to get them collecting too!) Then I found a pretty battered copy of Angela Banners' Ant & Bee. So everyone was happy! But then, just as we were leaving, I spotted the above. Its in a sorry state, and sadly unplayable, but it's a fore runner of the flexi disc!

Odd, because only last week me old mucker, Nainesh was on about our friend Paul Bayley putting a programme together for Radio 4 on The Wonderful Weightless World of the Flexidisc. The programme goes out on Thursday 27 May 11.30am. Ill be listening!

I didnt get anything to Paul in time, but this Holiday on Ice record is a bit special. Published by Lyntone Recordings of London, the reverse (below) is a postcard! Imagine getting that in the post? The track from the show is The Song is You & Wunderbar, sung by Iris Villiers.

Now I just have to find the other flexis I wanted to get to Paul!

You can listen to the show here on the bbc iplayer.


jez said...

Hi Jonny,
Always on the look out for new Lyntone flexis. Any chance of getting a pic and Catalogue number for the site please?

jonny mendelsson said...

Hi Jez

Thanks for your post. Feel free to use these images, although Id be grateful if you could link to the post. As far as I can see theres no catalogue number.