January 20, 2009


Some of my favourite finds have been from skips. Theres just something you cant beat about getting something for nothing, and of course the notion that something so beautiful could have ever been discarded.

Ive always enjoyed mis-registered and overprinted pieces of print. I guess it stems from Vaughan Olivers covers for Colourbox on 4AD records. I've always wondered what happened to the printing press that printed this. If only I could get my hands on it!

These two stunning cards were recovered from a skip in North London in the late 1980s. It looked like someone had moved out, perhaps in a hurry and sadly a load of kids stuff had got binned.

I cant read arabic but judging on the format I reckon these are a form of Top Trumps, massive in Britain in the late Seventies and now finding favour with the next generation.

The two characters on the cards are the footballers Dino Zoff, Italys most famous goalkeeper & could that possibly be Aberdeens Willie Miller ?

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