January 11, 2012

Late Seventies Horror show

I just could not leave these frightening relics from the Seventies behind, at a car boot, last summer! The heady mix of 68% polyester and 42% acrylic was just all too consuming!

Now, while the urge to buy them may have been strong, there was never any intention to wear them! It should be noted that they fit a 3/4 year old, but there is no way Id put anyone I know through the shame of wearing them, even as a joke!

For anyone who's interested the labels are below.


Anonymous said...

Come on - as clothing for little kids go, they aren't all that bad! If you ever see any beige Oxford bags with patch pockets, let me know! :)

matthew cooper said...

Own up Jonny - you've tried to fit into them haven't you

miriam said...

Hi there!

I'm Miriam Steinhauser and I live in Holland. I collect Mothercare 1970's clothes and I wanted to ask you something. And i thought you might like it to see the actual catalogue pages of the 1979 catalogue in which these two dungarees were seen. I can't find your email adress though, here on your blog. Could you please email me on lijster12@hotmail.com if it's possible?



Jennifer Borrett said...

My little brothers wore these Mothercare rompers and looked adorable. They had them in blue and in orange. Soft, cosy, stretchy.... they were the cutest rompers and I remember them fondly.

When I had my own babies in the 90s I could find nothing like them. The closest was OshKoshB'Gosh, if anyone remembers those!

I will admit the 70s Mothercare buggies and strollers were hideous though! And no shopping tray. They were still pretty gruesome in the 90s: grey, plastic, uncomfortable (seat lining was stiff and plasticky) but at least had a shopping tray. But zero cuteness.

I had my last baby in 2002 and Mothercare buggies were at last cosy, soft, pretty and practical... like wombs on wheels with adorable cotton fabrics and lots of padding. Baby clothes were awful though... Newborn jeans, waistcoats, fitted dresses and buttoned shirts... Not cosy clothes for a young baby. Mine lived in Terry babygrows and Terry bodysuits and had a proper pram with mattress and bedding.

I miss having babies so much. Happy times.