October 05, 2011

Live action Tele Babar Part 2

A couple of years ago I posted some lovely Babar dominoes. They caused quite a stir over at do you remember blog. Apparently a lot of people remembered the TV show, and found the live action Babar frightening. I can't see it! For my money, the masks and costumes are magical and share links with the Theatre of the Bauhaus.

Not long after I posted the dominoes I was lucky enough to find these two hardback copies in English, taken from the TV series. The books are beautifully designed, and the stills from the show are fantastic.

You can watch a foreign language version of the Tele Babar TV show below.

Published by Methuen in 1969, the hard back books measure 248 x 300mm. As far as I can see there were three books in the series, the two here; Babar goes visiting, Babar Keeps Fit & Babar Learns to Drive.


itsascrename said...

I saw your pez dispenser picture and wanted to know if i could use it for a project of mine, thnks in advance

jonny mendelsson said...

Yes of course! What are you doing? Could you credit the blog though,



itsascrename said...

a musical project of mine, some editing but i will credit the original picture to you

pometflora said...

Oh my!I have never seen. Live action Babar takes a bit of getting used to. . .