September 10, 2010

Richard Scarry Playskool Puzzletown figures

Over the years weve picked up a small collection of Richard Scarry Puzzletown figures. They were released by Playskool, in 1976, and there were five sets in the series. The 2" figures were solid plastic, but the buildings were made of card, that all slotted together, and sat on plastic bases. Below you can see one of the buildings from Set E, Lowly Worms Rail Roadway .


Chris97 said...

I have almost every single set! I probably don't have one but that went out of stock and not made as soon as it was released. I am missing a few pieces from a few sets though! Last set to get was Train Set!

jonny mendelsson said...

You're a very lucky man Chris! Can we see them anywhere?

Blogger said...

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