September 18, 2010

1969 Britains Cotton- Education Pack

Heres a curious find from a car boot, this summer. As is so often the case, just as we were about to leave, this brilliant educational pack turned up on the penultimate stall.

Released by The Textile Councils, Education department, this box has all manner of samples relating to the cotton industry. Britain's Cottons- Samples of Cotton, from field to fabric is beautifully designed and details various aspects of the industry for the year 1969.

A couple of statistics from the printed sheet above, stand out. In 1969 a total of 122,029 people were employed in the textile industry, and the UK exported £53,227,000 worth of cotton and man made fibre that year. I wonder what the figures were for the UK, last year?

Above are some close ups of the sample book, along with a Cotton Boll sample. I bet The Textile council dont send boxes like this out to schools anymore?


Between Channels said...

That's wonderful - I found a similar one to do with sugar, but sugar is less interesting than textiles (in my opinion!)

jonny mendelsson said...

Glad you like them!

Id love to see the sugar version. Im already curious if there are samples? and if there are, Im wondering what theyd be.

Thanks for stopping by!