July 03, 2010

HOMS Dial a phrase rubber stamp collection

Perhaps one of my favourite finds ever, was this enormous 12 motto office rubber stamp, that my father in law, rescued from the bottom of a skip in Cardiff, in the late Eighties. Ive always treasured this rather special find.

All the rubber stamp messages relate to late payments in the account department. Unfortunately the rubber belt has ceased up, and the rubber stamp is now stuck on motto number 3 which says
We missed you payment for last month wont you send it now?

The Rubber stamp is made by Homs and has a catalogue number of M4.It is unlike the more usual date stampers in that is measures 7" high. The handle is wooden and the guard, is made from tin. The key once turned the rubber belt, which in turn moved the phrase on, but that no longer works.

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Tera said...

I'm green with envy for sure. Those are AWESOME!