March 05, 2010

Fabeltjeskrant Dutch childrens jigsaw puzzle

Heres a lovely find, from last year. The characters remind me of Fredun Shapurs fantastic Playsacks, and the trees look like something out of Serge Danots Magic Roundabout.

This fifty piece puzzle comes with no makers mark, or box. So I have no idea whats on show! Its certainly not anything I remember from my youth. Theres one small clue in the right hand corner, where the owl holds a copy of the Daily Fable. As usual, any additional information would be much appreciated.

27 April 2010

Fantastic! Ellen over at Turning pages has just got in touch and told me all about the Puzzle. The characters come from a Dutch TV Show "Fabeltjeskrant", which appears to have translated as The Daily Fable. Theres an excellent website full of facts about the series as well as a couple of episodes dubbed into English.

Ellen is a designer over in Holland, and her blog is well worth a visit! She has some lovely items listed which include a couple of lovely postcards of some of the Fabeltjeskrant characters.


turning pages said...

This is definately something for my youth! Great to see this travelled abroad.
This jigsaw puzzle features the 'fabeltjeskrant'. A Dutch tv show which ran about two decades on Dutch television. Verrrry famour in Holland!
For more information: Check out

I posted a Fabeltjeskrant book or two on my blog and I've got lots more where that came from!

turning pages said...

Sorry, made a couple of spelling mistakes in my earlier comment. Guess I was a bit excited to tell you about it...

jonny mendelsson said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much for getting in touch. Its so nice to find out more about Fabeltjeskrant. Its what makes the internet so incredible!

I see it was actually called the Daily Fable and on the website you can even view some episodes dubbed into English.

I think Ill post a new link later. I took a quick look at your blog and enjoyed seeing The Fabeltjeskrant postcards.
Thanks again

turning pages said...

You're quite welcome! I often post something I don't know the origin of. It's great that people can comment and give hints

turning pages said...

Wow! I see you updated your post and linked it to my blog... Thanks so much!

turning pages said...
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