October 21, 2009

Pez sweet dispensers

I remember having Pez dispensers as a child, but it wasnt until we planned a trip to The States that I was aware there was a Pez museum!

Sadly we never made it to the museum, but my interest in these strange sweet dispensers was revived, and ever since Ive always picked them up along our travels.

Theres a very good Pez flickr group , with nearly 900 pictures and over 158 members

The name Pez came from German word for peppermint.(PfeffErminZ). While the sweets were invented in 1927. It wasnt untill around 1950 that the first dispenser appeared. There have since been over 550 different dispensers.

Curiously the Austrian manufacturer of Pez are suing the museum in Burlingame, seeking all profits from the museum's 14 years of operation. Makes no sense to me!

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