October 20, 2009

Peribi Mouse Pencil sharpener

This fabulous little mouse pencil sharpener was made in Spain by Peribi. He has a flip top lid and wheels and may have once dispensed sellotape too! Sadly I couldnt find out anymore about him or the Peribi company. He looks to me like he dates from the late seventies. The hole to sharpen your pencil is strategically placed in the poor mouses rear end! Ouch!

While you cant buy these anymore, it looks like the guys at Sharp End have taken the idea a stage further.


stine said...

the one in the photo is missing a yellow tiny scissor where the handles would be part of the ears and the tip would be the tip of the nose.. im not the best to explain, but i got it and it's lovley! :)

jonny mendelsson said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by and sharing that. It makes perfect sense.Id love to see it, it sounds fantastic. Do you have a photo?

Ivana said...

i've got a photo of it
but i don't know how to show you ^^

Templinho said...

The mouse was actually part of a set of five, which also included a snail, giraffe, pelican and rhino. See this picture:


I purchased mine from Avon back in the early '90s.

Ivana said...

Waouh, i don't have the rhino and the girafe .... i need to find them ^^

jonny mendelsson said...

Theres another 18 unusual pencil sharpeners here.