April 02, 2009

Not so easy Ladybird Reading Scheme

Heres an odd one!

Intrigued by the cover, I initially presumed these two Ladybird books were Dutch, but it turns out they were part of The Initial Teaching Alphabet (ITA). Devised in 1961 the idea was to teach children to read phonetically. This meant devising new letters and symbols for some sounds. In total there were 44 symbols in the new alphabet.

The two books here are from the Ladybird 606 series, People at work (or should that be "Pepl at wurk") are The Fisherman & The Policeman. Ladybird translated a number of books into ITA under the title "eezy-reeding". Apparently they are now quite rare.

At the height of its popularity in 1970 the ITA scheme was estimated to be in 4000 schools. Theres a few more examples tagged over at flickr. See if you can work out whats going on?

Below the opening page from The poleesman.

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Dr.J said...

Wow, this brings back memories from when i started school. This was my first book. Although supposedly easy reading, this actually pushed us back as we had to learn over again once we started to read and write as we do now. It was quite amusing to read this out to my colleagues, spelling out the words. Thank god we have normal books now.