May 04, 2012


Its the Cup Final tomorrow, and not only is it not the last game of the English football season, the FA have even moved kick off to 5.15. Is nothing sacrosanct anymore?

The fabulous little label is taken from The London Transport Museum archive, from the days when the Cup Final was still a central part of the British sporting calendar. You can search the London Transport archive via theme, and there are lots more football related posters if your interested!

Should you feel the urge for even more nostalgia, you can still download the 1975 FA Cup Final wallchart, that appeared in Tiger, that I posted back in 2009.


Anonymous said...

I am upset to hear that, yet again, the cup final is shunted to a ridiculous time of day to satisfy TV schedules. No, nothing is sacrosanct. It makes it all, somehow, less relevant.

jonny mendelsson said...

At least last year the rational behind its timing had something to do with The Champions League final being staged at Wembley.

Part of the pre requisite of staging the Final was that the pitch was not supposed to have seen any game play for two weeks before hand. However this year there was no such precedent.

The FA seems intent on killing a very special competition