November 09, 2011

Birmingham Bull Ring Commemorative Plate

The Old Birmingham Bull Ring was the first indoor market in the UK when it opened in 1964. It mixed traditional open air market with a submerged market hall. Considered to be the height of modernity when it opened it soon fell from grace with its labyrinth of subways, and failing escalators. None of this was helped by the isolation the ring road caused.

Back in the eighties it used to run a rather good flea market, and I remember picking up a couple of fine finds there. Last month this plate, by Purbeck Pottery turned up. It commemorates the opening of the Bull Ring. It seems at odds to have an almost folk response to what was at the time, such brutal modern architecture!

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Anonymous said...

The Bull Ring! Symbol of all that was bad about 60's architecture and planning. Isn't The Rotunda a block of flats now? These days, I quite like the place in an odd sort of way.