May 27, 2011

Sasek Matchbox booklet for Liberty's London 1964

Much excitement in the Mendelsson household last week, when this dropped through the post! I hadn't checked ebay for a while for Sasek, as its become rather tedious trawling through all the modern reissues of his, This is series!

However a couple of weeks ago, I hit the search button, and was delighted to discover this rather battered matchbox booklet by the man himself. The booklet has some rather scratchy pen and ink drawings, depicting various modes of transport in London.

The booklet measures 320 x 65mm, was made in Finland in 1964 for Liberty's of London, it has a brilliant red interior and once contained 150 Crown matches.

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H is for Home said...

Hi Jonny,

We were lucky enough to get hold of a Liberty Sasek matchbook with a similar illustration to yours. It's in absolutely mint condition - another rare survivor!

Here's a link to the blog we posted about it!

Adelle & Justin
H is for Home