April 08, 2011

Composite beer bottle stoppers

Following last weeks Antiques Roadshow, at The British Museum. I was reminded of my mudlarking days! The chap on TV had 1000s of items from The Thames including coins and clay pipes as well as some old bottle stoppers!

My small collection of bottle stoppers also came from The Thames, from just beneath Tower Bridge, each stopper carries a different Brewery logo. Its fun to imagine the identity of the previous owner, who opened his bottle of beer and threw the stopper into the Thames.


Ellen said...

What a great collection, bit weird though ;-)
They look absolutely wonderful design-wise!

jonny mendelsson said...

Weird? Surely not? Beautiful, charming and functional too!

Im so glad you like them!

dagdog said...

they're beauties. i came across them because i'm looking for great looking stoppers and these stopped me in my tracks. too bad it's just the kitschy garish stuff that's available now. these are cool.