March 02, 2011

Lenticular Decimal Currency Calculator

A wonderful recent find from a lovely little antique shop in Holt, Norfolk. Given all the recent material Ive been posting relating to decimalisation, I had to have this fantastic little currency converter. The photo above ( excuse the distortion!) shows the two different views of the card. Tip it one way and it displays old money, flip it the other and it reveals the decimal equivalent.

Ever since The Sun newspaper released its Gallery of 3D Soccer stars in 1972 I've had a penchant for all things lenticular. Of course, the classic image is of the winking, asian girl.

Released by The East Anglian Trustee Saving Bank, " to help you in the change to decimals".


Crispin said...

I had one of these!! Wow!but seeing as I only ever had sixpence to spend on sweets I never used it, it just sat in my welsh knitted purse!
Love to you all,
Eve in Oz
(Matt's sister!)

jonny mendelsson said...

Hi Eve! How very strange! Matthew was present when I bought it! He said it looked familiar. Trust alls well with you and the family?

matthew cooper said...

That makes it sound like I'd been going through Eve's purse!