November 21, 2010

Heavy weight Baggage labels

Sorting through an old folder of ephemera I found these three luggage labels. The top two both date from the eighties and are from airlines. The bottom one is from a cruise ship and dates from the sixties.


Between Channels said...

I'm becoming obsessed with the graphic design of utilitarian items like tickets, labels and print adverts, and the luggage labels are (to my eyes) wonderful.

jonny mendelsson said...

Im glad you like them!

I have a hoard of these sort of labels that I enjoyed looking for on my travels.

I also used to collect box certificates (the stamps on the side of cardboard boxes) that tell you the strength of the box, and perhaps also detail the contents and its origin.

The designs were crude, but beautiful. There is a fantastic book by the typesetter Hans Rudolf Lutz that you may like. It contains 1000s of designs.Its called Todays Hieroglyphs.