February 19, 2010

Richard Erdoes

Over the years, weve picked up lots of things on our travels. Primarily on the look out for the books of Miroslav Sasek and ceramics of the 1950s. With time theyve become harder to find and as a result our interests have diversified. Finding a copy of Saseks "This is" series always sent the heart racing, and when I first glimpsed these two on the shelves I thought wed found another !

These two books though are by Richard Erdoes, whose style certainly has echoes of Sasek, and the influential Jim Flora. I knew nothing about Erdoes when I found these books, but over the years numerous people have posted links and blogged about him. He sounds like an incredible man. Sadly Erdoes died in July 2008. To learn more, you can read his obituary here and to view inside Policemen go over on grainedits flickr site.

Before Erdoes worked on these two books in the 1960s he worked for Column magazine & Life magazine. You can see more at learning to share .

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