March 09, 2009


All that talk about Action Transfers got me thinking about those childhood transfer booklets, and guess what? I found them! Theyre Fantastic, and even better than I remembered.

Here in all its glory, A Busy Bee Instant Picture Book. Made by Letraset in the late 60s this is Book No. 6 "Make your own cartoons". You can make up to 40 funny faces and figures with rub down pictures.

If you want to know more about this, and the Patterson Blick Instant Picture Books that I mentioned last week, head over to Seven wonder. It has a full resume of the whole series, including some Ive never seen and some Ill never forget.

When I saw The Patterson 3D Blick Peep Shows my heart skipped a beat. Various scenarios came to life in these shoe box sized dioramas. At one end there was a peep hole, and along the top, a cellophane window that illuminated the 3D scene inside. Wow! I never thought Id see those again, and all in one piece too. Heady days indeed!


kindra said...

these are great!
I had no idea Letraset made stuff for kids. Excellent!

jonny mendelsson said...

Hi Kindra
Im so glad you like them! Apparently these were some of the first in Letrasets transfer range. Also in the same series were Nursery rhymes and Biblical Tales.

Thanks again for stopping by!

kindra said...

I have heaps of letraset (all typographic), but nothing as fun as this!
thanks again.