February 26, 2009


More misregistered goodies, this time in the form of action transfers.

These beautiful booklets were held together with a single staple along the top edge and contained five or six lovely sheets. The transfer sheets are printed on lightweight waxed paper, while the cover is printed on card. They measure 90 x 50mm.

The instructions on the back of the cover state "for best results, cut out single transfer lay on surface to which you wish to apply it.Then wet back of transfer, slowly rubbing your for-finger over the wet surface for about one minute. Then raise corner slowly and the desired result will be obtained."

I remember as a child spending many a wet school holiday with action transfer booklets depicting famous battles scenes; Hastings & Waterloo spring to mind. While probably not in the same league as the transfers here, they do bring back fond memories. I think I have one or two somewhere!

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kindra said...

Hi there! Whoah, weird serendipitous transfer sticker blogging! Thanks for leaving a comment ; I just scanned through your posts and it's right up my alley. I can't wait to read and see more!